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Navigating the complex and ever-changing world of certifications, regulations and sustainability can be frustrating and time-consuming. Vode has distilled the essential information into manageable pieces.

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Design Lights Consortium (DLC)

Many ZipOne and ZipTwo products are compliant with DLC and are qualifying products. See Vode's DLC Guide for compliant products.

Joint Appendix 8 (JA8)

Most Vode systems are JA8 certified and exceed efficiency standards in residential lighting. See Vode's JA8 Guide for compliant products.

Case Studies

Harvard University

Vode worked closely with Payette on the Sherman Fairchild Lab Renovation at Harvard University. Vode designed a custom mounting solution for ZipOne and integrated an occupancy sensor into the design. The project achieved LEED Platinum certification. The projects projected energy usage was reduced by 56% through the use of controls, task-ambient solutions and high efficiency fixtures.

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Case Studies

R.W. Kern Center

R.W. Kern Center in Amherst, MA is one of Vode’s first Living Certified projects. It was imperative that the products used on the project did not contain Red List materials. Vode RaceRail was chosen for the general lighting in the admissions center.

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Earth is it

Our products aren’t going to save the planet by themselves. What will, are examples we set, the standards we hold our manufacturing partners and ourselves to, and the willingness of our industry to value that standard. You can call that leadership; we call it doing well by doing good. That’s what inspired us to start Vode in the first place. That’s our hope for the planet we share.

Vode's Mission