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In accordance with Section 287(a) of Title 35 of the United States Code, the reader is hereby placed on notice of Vode Lighting LLC's rights in the United States Patents listed on this site and associated with the following products:


Design Patent Patent Number
Double Hub D602,629
Zero Canopy D599,054
ulo Mini Mount D832,488
Single Hub D602,630
WingRail D607,145
Floor Lamp D646,837
WingRail LED D648,478
Round Arm D657,905
Square Arm D657,906
Arm Anchor D659,900
Dual Square Arm D669,630
Dual Round Arm D669,629














Utility Patent Patent Number
Zero Canopy 7,604,209
Hub 7,484,979
Fixture Support System & Method 8,033,688
Etherlight 8,164,281
Etherlight Continuation pending
Vode Modular Lighting System pending
ArmAnchor pending
LED Layout pending










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