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About Vode

Vode is a linear lighting design and manufacturing company located in beautiful Sonoma, California.

Founded in 2006 by partners Tom Warton, Scott Yu and George Mieling.

Vode’s mission is one of transformation: to convert energy to its most efficient light forms, to invigorate architecture with minimalist lighting systems, and to inspire the people who work under our light to be their best.

Vode has been used in over 10,000 projects worldwide, including museums, office spaces, convention centers and university libraries.  Vode’s systems light hundreds of LEED-qualified buildings, as well as the corporate offices of Amazon, Microsoft, Facebook, AirBnB, Nickelodeon and Nike.

What’s the story?

In 2005, industrial designer Scott Yu yearned to use his design talent to create enduring and environmentally mindful products. He saw an opportunity to apply design thinking to the lighting arena that looked ready for profound changes – as well as growing awareness of environmental impacts of lighting in energy consumption. Scott was so inspired that he began hosting meetings with designers, technology and business thinkers to hatch a plan to create the perfect architectural lighting company. At the same time, Northern California native Tom Warton, a lighting industry entrepreneur, imagined better ways to think about linear lighting and a more principled way to run a lighting company.

In early 2005, Scott invited Tom to attend one of his meetings and ideas sparked. Over the next nine months a plan evolved to create minimalistic and customizable lighting systems that had never before existed. Their research revealed that commercial architectural lighting systems could have the greatest impact. To round out the team, George Mieling, a Boston-based, international business executive in the food pharmaceuticals industry, joined to run finance and sales.

In early 2006, three people of diverse cultures, industries and talents launched a company based on three converging factors:  environmental responsibility, design insight and new lighting technology. The goal: to build a linear lighting systems company that substantially contributed, not only the betterment of our blue planet but, to the well-being of all people involved.

Why the name Vode?

Vode stands for Voice of Design. You may ask “Hey, what does the “e” stand for?” It stands for a multitude of things that are important to the company--efficiency, excellence, employee, engagement, education, exploration, environment, equality, energy, enjoyment, empowerment. The order of the list is rearranged from time to time and there are surely more “e’s” that have yet to be discovered. This allows for change, improvement and evolution “look at that, another important “e” word!”


In 2017 Vode won the Most innovative Product of the Year Award at LightFair International in 2017 for their ZipThreeTM | Wall Mount | 707.

2018 Sapphire Award Winner,  ZipThreeTM | Wall Mount | 707

2018 PIA (Product Innovation Award), ZipThreeTM | Ceiling Cable | 707

2017 Architizer A+ Award, ZipTwoTM | 707

What our clients have to say...

“The Li Ka Shing Hall at Cal Berkeley looks beautiful, all credit going towards the Vode fixtures! The project looks exactly how I imagined it would!"
—Beverley Shimmin, Principal - Blanca Lighting, Seattle, WA

"It's been a true pleasure working with the Vode team. It's clear they're as passionate about making great light fixtures as we are about making great places for our clients"
—Steven Chaitow, AIA, LEED AP, Senior Associate - Bohlin Cywinski Jackson

"Vode's unique system and their forward thinking products aid the designer in achieving great designs. They have risen to every challenge I've put them to, from standard product to wholly custom"
—David Ghatan, Senior Associate - C.M.Kling & Associates, Alexandria, VA

“It’s not really legitimately possible to write a three-equals spec involving Vode -- they’re such a clear example of form following function, with an uncompromising and distinct aesthetic, and all while being remarkably flexible and adaptable.  Definitely one product line I could not live without."
—Adam Kibbe, Principal - Collaborative Lighting, Concord, MA

“Vode’s level of support, from the inception of an idea to the finished design, matches the level of their product quality.  Their depth of experience and advocacy for innovation dissolve the constraints of typical luminaire specification and empower designers to solve their lighting challenges with creative freedom.”
—Sara Schonour, Lighting Designer - Cannon Design, Boston, MA

For media inquiries please contact:
Kristine Delostrinos
Commercialization Manager

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