Operating Responsibly

The light thing to do

We founded Vode with a steadfast commitment to be the epitome of responsibility. We have fulfilled that obligation by doing the most with the least - which is and will continue to be our unspoken mission. 

Take a look at everything from Vode's product design and manufacturing to our business practices and you'll discover that everyone benefits from a business philosophy that puts responsibility ahead of profits. 

It began with a noble goal

Delivering truly innovative architectural lighting is a challenging goal - a lofty one when you are limited to doing the most with the least. Yet we continuously strive to meet that goal with the most mindfully designed lighting blueprint we're capable of conceiving and executing.

Our efforts are widely recognized for proving that a sleek and sophisticated lighting solution can also have a neutral impact on our shared environment.

Humble design principles

We made our lighting systems highly adaptive and customizable to accommodate the ambitious needs and ideas of today's most thoughtful designers.

Vode's low-profile, modular linear lighting systems reduce effort and lighting system’s layout issues, while our modest form factors blend into the architectural landscape—providing a captivating presence that enhances the overall environment without stealing its attention.

Mindful manufacturing

At Vode we do everything we can to minimize our impact on the environment. It's one of the reasons why over 90-percent of the material used to make our lighting products is aluminum.

In addition to being one of the best and easiest materials to recycle on earth, aluminum is also incredibly efficient at dissipating heat. This drives down air conditioning requirements and eliminates safety and product-life problems created by component heat fatigue.

Vode systems are also free of toxic metals such as lead and mercury. It's all part of our commitment to take materials selected and manufacturing practices as responsibly as possible.

The Vode code

At Vode we believe that everyone we touch is part of our community. So don't be surprised when you see us treat our staff and advisers like family; or when you see us treat clients, reps, suppliers, and vendors as valued business partners.  We're proud of the fact that honesty, transparency and sharing are Vode's default attributes.

We've found that our code helps create a more open atmosphere—one that encourages innovative thinking and ultimately leads to a single question: What can we do better?