No margin, no mission

Vode exists to create value for our clients. We deliver light for them. But we must also deliver profit for us. Profit is not our purpose; merely proof we know what we’re doing. But without it, we can’t fund our mission.


Meaning over money

You can’t eat “meaning,” we get that. But experience tells us that people are motivated more by a sense of purpose than by money, titles or perks. To be their best, everyone needs a big, hairy, clearly-defined challenge.


Everyone has a voice

The IQ of Vode is greater than the IQ of any single person who works here. The only way to raise that IQ is through collaboration. So while each one of us may have a specific job, it’s important that we all be connected to each other. Everyone has a voice; we want to hear yours. (note: having a voice is not the same thing as “a say.”)


Make it personal

Everyone who works here has to have a passion for improving the quality of light and the quality of relationships needed to deliver it. In practice, having passion means taking responsibility. Making a difference in everything you do. Making it personal.


Trust your gut

If you’re good enough to work here (see “B” players below) you likely have a very good internal compass. You know what to do; you know how to do it. Don’t call a meeting; don’t wait for permission. We trust you; you should trust you.


No Bozos

Bozos are B-players. We prefer A-players. A-level people recognize talent and go out of their way to surround themselves with it. B-level people are threatened by people who are smarter, harder working, or more experienced than they are so they tend to hire C-level people. See how this works?


Earth is it

We’re a growing company. Our products, no matter how sustainably they’re made, aren’t going to save the planet by themselves. What will, are examples we set, the standards we hold our manufacturing partners and ourselves to, and the willingness of our industry to value that standard. You can call that leadership; we call it doing well by doing good. That’s what inspired us to start Vode in the first place. That’s is our hope for the planet we share.